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Where to buy blueberries, chocolate or ginger HEETS

HEETS cigarettes are sold in a few flavors in Europe, but the world is richer in the offering. For example, you can taste blueberry flavor HEETS.


I'm sure you know the basic three versions of HEETS for IQOS, stronger orange Amber, weaker Yellow, and menthol Turquoise, but there are many other variants in the world that you can see in the HEETS flavors list.


In Russia and Korea are HEETS Purple commonly sold with blueberry and forest herb flavors. Although no one has ever been able to confirm it - in Switzerland a limited edition of gingerbread or cognac HEETS have appeared. In Germany are extra strong brown Bronze, but they are not chocolate. You can't buy chocolate flavor, although they are being much discussed.

How much costs the extra-strong brown HEETS in Germany?

On Facebook photos, you can see an example of a box from Japan, where are the rich offer of flavors, sold in glossy colors under the name Marlboro IQOS.  You can buy them for amounts over 8EUR per box, eg on eBay. Also, you can see some European flavors such as Ukrainian Parliament Blue and Fresh or Russian Blueberry Purple.

Marlboro for IQOS can be purchased in Japan

In each country, the manufacturer lists different HEETS variants according to customer interest and the offer is constantly expanding. With fruity flavors but rather not count - European Union prohibited fruity flavors for all tobacco products.


And what flavor would you want to taste? Write to us!

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