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Where to buy blueberries HEETS Purple, how they look and in which countries they sell them

Flavored HEETS fillings are highly desirable goods, but you can't buy them in Czechia or in the European Union. Selected countries, where you can buy them are Russia, Japan, and South Korea.


The most popular flavor is blueberry, sold under the name HEETS Purple and it's available only outside the EU and on the Internet. Menthol filler contains, according to Philip Morris, the flavor of the blueberries with a touch of forest herbs.

Where to buy HEETS Purple

HEETS Purple are available in Russia, South Korea and in Japan with the more intense flavor called Marlboro for IQOS. If you would like to import them to your country, check out now how much you can legally take across the state border.

For those, who are not traveling - you can try the internet. They are offering mainly on foreign servers like eBay, where you can also get the Japan version, which should have the more intense taste. But prepare yourself, that it's expensive. One box with postage goes over 8 EUR.

You can also find them in our Facebook group HEETS World or on eBay etc. usually about 8 EUR/box. 

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