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Where to buy IQOS at a discounted price?

The IQOS electronic cigarette is on sale mainly through IQOS Coach, you can order a meeting at the Customer Care Center or at the official website, and you can also visit branded outlets in shopping centers or trams.


How to buy an IQOS electronic cigarette?

IQOS is intended only for current adult smokers that Philip Morris wants to convert to healthier smoking. That's why IQOS partners or couch are offered to visit you at a café or business center. Order a meeting with your IQOS partner.


For more information in your country visit the IQOS official website:


Open official

During an hour-long meeting, you can try out IQOS and, if you are interested, borrow it for five days free of charge and purchase 6 packs of HEETS for a discounted price. After testing and registration, you will receive an IQOS purchase offer including 10 HEETS cartridges.


Selected shopping centers include IQOS Lounge or Pop-up IQOS Stands with accessories and services. IQOS is also available for purchase in the parlor networks of tobacco stores.

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