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What to do when the HEETS cartridges for the IQOS are hard, crowded or stuck in the holder

 HEETS cartridges for IQOS sometimes have variable quality, they can be overcrowded or harder to pull, apparently much depends on their storage at the supplier or in the shop. What to do when HEETS does not work to puff correctly?


IQOS owners sometimes complain about the varying HEETS quality. According to many reactions, the situation improved much after recipe change and labeling of boxes, but still appear to be too hard pieces in a box that are less stretched or heavily loaded into the heater.

Before we tell you how to solve the problem, believe that even HEETS is covered by warranty, and just as smoothly as Philips Morris builds on IQOS complaints, it is also a matter of replacing cartridges. If they have a problem with the change in the shop, please contact your dealer.


How to improve HEETS quality

But because almost no one will want to run to reclaim the box, try our tips.

  • The most important thing is to have a cleaned heater, especially scratched sediments from the root of the slab. How to clean IQOS properly.
  • You can insert the cartridge after turning it on in the warm-up holder, the hot plantain goes through the tobacco like butter.
  • You can try to rub the tobacco part of the cartridge between your fingers, be careful not to break it, it's easy, it is only one centimeter long, the rest is a filter.
  • Try blow out the cartridge from the side of tobacco, some users are saying, it stretches better.
  • The refill can be snapped during the coating, rotated by 90 ° and reintroduced, sometimes more smoke starts.
  • Some users are recommending freeze HEETS. After several hours in the freezer and then warming at room temperature, it is supposed to be wet.
  • Whoever remembers socialist cigarettes, he remembers licking the side of the cigarette for moistening. It works well with HEETS, just do not overdo it, if you do, the smoke is as hot as from the boiler.

Keep in mind that this is very individual. Someone does not smoke without freezing, another swears that HEETS never has a problem, others claim that they are defective pieces in each box. Write us the comment about what experience you have!

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