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What does the HEETS cigarette filling contain? Does it contain real tobacco?

The contents of the HEETS cartridges are marked by the manufacturer as tobacco, but if you open one cigarette, you will find that it looks very unusual.


According to Philip Morris, HEETS contains a blend of finely crushed glycerin-enriched tobacco, that when heated to about 350°C, vaporizes and becomes a nicotine carrier.

What the HEETS content?

  • Outside paper lined with a weak aluminum foil
  • Tobacco filled with glycerin squeezed into slices
  • Cellulose mouthpiece made of hollow acetate
  • Biopolymer film filter absorbing heat

The biopolymer in the filter absorbs heat and changes its structure, if you puff from the IQOS harder, it deforms at the beginning and resembles burning. Cooling will cause it to harden, which prevents its further use.

Official composition of HEETS by Philips Morris

Tobacco content is significantly lower, 6,1g unlike a few grams of the regular cigarette, the content of harmful substances tried to summarize the first independent Swiss study.




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