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The new IQOS 3 is introduced in two versions, IQOS 3.0 and MULTI

Today, Phillip Morris has introduced the two most recent versions of IQOS, branded as 3.0 and MULTI with re-use. Both versions were introduced in attractive metallic colours. On our market, we will see them by the end of this year.

Today a press conference was held in Tokyo, where IQOS is the most popular in the world,  two new IQOS models have been introduced. The first one resembles the current version, but the charging time has been shortened by 15%, the novelty will be the IQOS Multi with re-use, which aims to take down the competing GLO.

IQOS 3.0

The successor to the current version of 2.4 Plus comes with brand 3.0 and in several attractive colours, mostly gold. The concept of a separate holder has been preserved, but the charger is inserted from the side, it will not be necessary to seek the right angle as it is held by a magnet. Thanks to this, the new IQOS will not be compatible with the previous accessories. The other is a charger with a modern USB-C connector. The charging time was shortened by 15% and the duration has been doubled by 24.700 cycles. The holder will still need to be charged after each use, but its charging has also been cut down to 3 and a half minutes.

Left IQOS 2.4 Plus, right IQOS 3.0

The new IQOS 3 now only has one button, because Bluetooth has probably been removed due to insufficient usage, which we probably will not regret because the application has never been officially released for download (if you are interested, read the download instructions).


Andre Calantzopoulos, Chief Executive of PMI, said at a press conference:

"We use IQOS all day and we still carry it, we put it on the desk as a phone, so we want it to be beautiful."

IQOS 3 comes in four basic colours - gold, blue, black and white, and not only the top cover but also the charger cover is replaceable so you can come up with your own colour variation which suits you best. There are 576 available right now.

Replaceable covers are available on both IQOS 3 models

IQOS 3 Multi

Absolute innovation comes with IQOS 3 Multi with re-use. This is a single piece of equipment into which the HEETS cartridge is directly inserted and can be used repeatedly for up to 10 uses. Clearly developed as a reaction to competitive GLO to eliminate its only benefit without having to wait for recharging. Its size has been reduced so it would fit in the hand perfectly. Due to the smaller size, it has a smaller battery so a faster USB-C charging had to be added.

IQOS 3 Multi is slightly longer and narrower, HEETS is inserted directly into it

IQOS 3 availability and price

After the Tokyo premiere, we can expect the November release for the European market. The sale is going to begin in December. We still have to wait for the price to be announced, but we can expect the price of IQOS 2.4 to go down.

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