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The list of countries where the European guarantee and IQOS claim abroad is valid, call your infoline

Are you on vacation or business trip abroad and IQOS has stopped working properly? Claim it in agreement with the infoline in your country.


Like any electronic device, IQOS has its own problems, without a cell phone or television you can easily get around, but someone without nicotine for an hour can be nervous like he is missing nicotine for a whole year. Therefore, the manufacturer provides the above-standard warranty conditions and IQOS changes without waiting or obstructions.

The validity of IQOS guarantee abroad

But what to do on the go? The guarantee also applies abroad. If you are in your country, just find the nearest authorized dealer in the map at the official website or contact the dealer. Abroad, but the map often does not work, contact your infoline to find your nearest reseller. IQOS must be available for sale in the visited country of course. List of countries where IQOS is available.

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Terms of IQOS claim abroad

However, the conditions of the claim may be different from state to state. According to the users' experience, the control of the defect is different in severity, even with a longer waiting period for replacement or total rejection of the warranty.


You do not need any documents or a box for your complaint, just a faulty piece.


Customer support availability Europe

   Availability IQOS  Full Customer Suport
 Bulgaria  X  X
 Czech Republic  X  X
 Croatia  X  X
 Cyprus  X  X
 Denmark  X  X
 France  X  X
 Germany  X  X
 Greece  X  X
 Hungary  X  X
 Italy  X  X
 Latvia  X  X
 Lithuania  X  X
 Monaco  X  
 Netherlands  X  X
 Poland  X  X
 Portugal  X  X
 Romania  X  X
 Russia  X  
 Slovak Republic  X  X
 Slovenia  X  X
 Serbia  X  
 Spain  X  X
 Switzerland  X  X
 Ukraine  X  
 United Kingdom  X  X
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