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Strange new flavours HEETS, Deep Bronze, Green Zing, Fresh Emerald, Clean Silver, Balanced Yellow

The HEETS flavour range is gradually expanding, and in autumn 2018 new variants with strange labels appear. Most of them come from the original Japanese Marlboro.


The new HEETS variants are probably the hottest topic in all our discussions on Facebook. The basic offer is not very rich, so there is a black market growing, with Russian Purple, Korean Silver, and even competing Fiit.

List of all HEETS flavours on global market

The manufacturer is well aware of the demand and is gradually expanding its offer. Unfortunately, it is still happening outside the European Union where there is a ban on flavoured cigarettes. While the directive does not yet apply to heated tobacco, Philip Morris does not want to provoke the EU, unlike the NEO Stick for GLO by BAT. The question is, what will happen after 2020 when the exception for the menthol flavour ceases. 


New flavours, re-packed from Japan

The offer for IQOS is gradually unifying. First it has disappeared from Russia and Ukraine Parliament and this year's autumn begins the reinvention of the Japanese from Marlboro for IQOS to HEETS. But to think of new flavors, when everything has to be hidden behind menthol, it is not easy. The news, for the most part, comes from the original offer under new strange labels. They are retreating from the colors, the first to come to our Sienna market, originally HEETS Red. You can now encounter labels such as: 


HEETS Deep Bronze

We know this on from Germany, and also from Ukraine. Deep Bronze is the label for a brown identical intense tobacco flavor from Japan.


HEETS Clean Silver

The silver variant is already known from Korea. It is the mildest flavour of them all, as light as a breeze.


HEETS Fresh Emerald

The brand new Japanese flavour is called Fresh Emerald, with a mint flavour that is weaker than ordinary Turquoise. The Japanese are probably not happy because it is now the only menthol compared to the earlier rich offer with different flavours.


HEETS Balanced Yellow

Balanced yellow is a variation of the Czech Yellow with the same name. It contains a slight trace of lemon.

HEETS Green Zing

When not taking into account the most popular HEETS Purple, there are now also HEETS Bronze and the latest HEETS Green Zing, also available in the Korean offer. Green refers to menthol, what Zing refers to - we can only guess. We taste menthol, lime and tobacco, very similar to the dark green Japanese Marlboro but with less intensity.


HEETS Cedar a Gold

Take the new HEETS Cedar, for example, cedar refers to a strong Bronze-like flavour. HEETS Gold reminds us of non-flavoured Sienna.


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