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Quick instructions and useful tips on how to properly smoke HEETS and how often to clean the holder

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Using an IQOS electronic cigarette is relatively easy and you can quickly acquire the steps how to use. Now learn useful tips on how often to use a scrubber or alcohol sticks.


Here are some helpful tips on how to properly smoke an IQOS electronic cigarette. It's not science, you'll soon find the ideal procedure but first read our recommendations. It is important to clean the IQOS regularly and correctly. And if you are interested in other good advice, visit our IQOS Tips & Guides section.

Quick instructions for use

First look at the basic steps for using IQOS in the manual. Keep in mind that you have to remove the refill by ejecting the top cover, do not pull the cigarette out of the filter, the burned tobacco will remain inside.


Useful tips for using IQOS

  • From IQOS puff very slowly for better taste try not to overheat the filter.
  • Keep the maximum spacing between the puffs, the filter will cool down more and the smoking time will be longer.
  • Do not be surprised by the weird taste or a cough, you get used to warmer smoke. More about a cough from IQOS.
  • Try to learn to return the HeatStick to the base right after smoking, it is the longest 6 minutes to charge when you want to smoke again :-)
  • If the HEETS are too hard, try put the filling after turning on the warm-up holder, will be plugging in more easily.
  • If HEETS does not work how you want, it will sometimes help to blow out the cartridge before use, some users even give the boxes into a freezer- the HEETS will be slightly moistened than.
  • IQOS needs to be cleaned regularly, preferably after each box. Take special care on the root of the heating blade. How often and properly clean IQOS.
  • The base will last about 20-30 HEETS packs, preferably use the original cable and charger from the box, mobile phone chargers and car chargers are usually not strong enough.
  • The carton is divided, the empty place is well suited for the smoked cigarettes in the restaurant where the ashtrays disappeared. Somewhere you can meet Heetray.
  • Purchase HEETS cartridges at cartons, at the eshop of the manufacturer and in shops they are cheaper by than single boxes. The box costs about 4EUR but the carton comes around 35EUR. What are the HEETS flavors?
  • The IQOS cigarette is registered on the account, and when buying second hand, always ask for the original registration and require a proof of purchase, although you do not need it for a claim now. More on how to register and remove IQOS.
  • In-place complaints will be handled by any pop-up sales outlet at the supermarkets, the IQOS Lounge or personally by your dealer from which you purchased. For more details check how and where to reclaim IQOS.


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