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Overview of all types of HEETS for IQOS with prices. Why are favors not selling in Europe?

We bring you a list of all variants of HEETS, Marlboro, and Parliaments for IQOS with approximate prices to find out where you can buy them.


The non-burning cigarette IQOS has been on sale since 2014. There is another offer of IQOS fillings in each country, but it is being unified under the HEETS brand. IQOS started in Japan, where are various fruit flavors still available, as in Switzerland - which doesn't fall under European legislation banning flavored tobacco products.

All European versions have the same nicotine amount, in 0,3g of tobacco about 0,5mg per cigarette, so difference in only in flavor (official composition). 

Blueberries and cognac HEETS allegedly in Switzerland

HEETS flavors in Europe

The European Union prohibits the sale of aromatized cigarettes with exception of menthol, that is why are here just different intensities. Philip Morris said, that every country has different preferences, so they are intense brown in Germany and a lot of mint flavors in Poland. Germany has a price 6EUR per box, Poland 16PLZ without a cardboard bonus. 

  • HEETS Bronze Label - brown, heavy tobacco like cigars (they are not chocolate).
  • HEETS Blue Label - dark blue, very strong mint (strong menthol).
  • HEETS Sienna Label - red, intense, pure tobacco flavor.
  • HEETS Red Label - red, intense, pure tobacco flavor (DE, GR).
  • HEETS Green Label - dark green, menthol (UK and Korea).
  • HEETS Purple Label - purple, blueberry flavor and wild herb with menthol (UKR, RU)
  • HEETS Silver Label - silver, very fine taste, (Korea).

Although in Switzerland they look different, it is a common HEETS Bronze for 8CHF/box

IQOS fillings in the world

IQOS started in Japan, where it is nowadays a substitute for harmful smoking and has occupied more than 30% of the smoking market, with more than 70% of its share of electronic cigarettes. Fillers are still sold in attractive packaging under the brand Marlboro for IQOS, with a variety of popular flavors.

Parliament Blue and Fresh from the east

You can buy them very expensive over the internet from various international eshops with advance payment. Some fans in our facebook group IQOS World have ordered them at, reactions are varied, but most of them are happy, that they can try something new. 

  1. Marlboro IQOS Regular Blue
  2. Marlboro IQOS Light Blue (Balanced regular)
  3. Marlboro IQOS Silver (Smooth Regular)
  4. Marlboro IQOS Menthol
  5. Marlboro IQOS Mint
  6. Marlboro IQOS Purple Menthol


Where you can buy flavored HEETS

If you want to try foreign flavors, join our World Facebook group HEETS, where are listed different offers of travelers and dealers.


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