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New HEETS Teek selection and Terra selection are now being sold in Germany and Greece

Phillip Morris introduced in October 2019 two new flavors of HEETS. First one is TEAK Selection with creamy tobacco tones. The other one is TERRA Selection, which brings us more malty tones.


Phillip Morris goes with the fashion and releases new flavors of HEETS. Since October 2019 the purple TERRA SELECTION and light brown TEEK SELECTION are available in Germany, Greece and Ukraine. The color spectrum used for the new flavors is bit surprising. Light brown might be mistaken for darker brown of Bronze Selection, purple on the other hand has similar shade such as Russian blueberry flavored Purple Label.

List of all HEETS flavors globally

How do the HEETS TERRA Selection tastes like?

PMI is always really generous with the description of its products. It is the case for Terra Selection. To be honest, they are great as usual. The description states that Terra Selection has wholemeal and robust roosted tobacco tones.


How do the HEETS Teak Selection tastes like?

For Teak Selection we are heading more for balanced tones of roasted tobacco with cream and nuts aroma.

Both flavors of HEETS are now available online and in the certified IQOS stores – Germany only. One package is being sold for 6 EUR. The availability will turn global soon.

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