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How to reset IQOS for charging problems when the red light flashes

IQOS is fairly new electronics and its manufacturer constantly improves it. But it's not problemless at all. Some problems can be easily resolved by resetting the rechargeable base or restarting the holder.


If you have felt, that the holder is charging for too long or if the holder flash with red light after pulling off from the base and not starts to heat the HEETS, you can try restarting before complaint device.

How to restart IQOS

Reset of the charger is pretty simple (this guideline works just for the newest model 2.4 Plus with Bluetooth).

  1. At the same time press Bluetooth and Power buttons for short time and release.
  2. Wait for about 2 seconds to flash all IQOS lights.
  3. Reset is complete.


How to reset holder

You can reset the holder itself. While its exhausted and flash with red light, just hold the button until it goes off.


If resetting didn't solve your problems, there is only one solution left - complaints. Visit GeCo or Valmont, any IQOS dealer or contact Customer care center that will send you a new device by courier.

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