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How to register or remove an IQOS device from an account for an easy complaint

Every IQOS device should be registered to your customer account. If it is not there, you can add it yourself even if you buy it from a bazaar or second hand.


If you purchased your first IQOS device through a partner or a pop-up stand, you do not have to worry about anything else, the seller has registered your device to your email. You can find your device at the official website under the user icon. You can have any device registered, but each can only be on one customer account. If you purchased additional equipment, please follow our instructions.

My IQOS is not assigned

During the registration, you may have experienced an error, or you purchased it second-hand, and your device is not assigned to your account. Registration is easy. Open your account at the official site, sign in with your account, and click the user icon at the top right. You can see the serial numbers of your devices on the form. There are always two, for the holder and for the charger. If you do not see your device, press Add another device to register it.


Enter the serial number, there are two options where to find them:

  • the twelve-digit code on the box label assigns both the charger and holder
  • type the production code of the holder and the rechargeable battery one at a time

Where can I find unique production codes for my devices?

  • both devices have a common production code, listed only on the box
  • holder has a unique production code inside the cigarette cartridge cover
  • The charger has a unique production code listed on the side


Assigning IQOS after a second-hand purchase

If you purchased a device that was originally matched to another account, you'll first need to remove it, each device can only be registered to one account. The original owner opens his account and presses a small icon above the serial number in the device report and selects Delete. Immediately then the device can be paired to another account, everything is online. If you do not know the owner, please contact customer support, see below.


Complaints by exchanging device

You do not need a proof of purchase for a claim, resellers are still nice and they need a registered account, and they do not even require account sometimes. But they should, as the complaint is a piece-by-piece replacement, they should delete your original equipment and match the new replacement piece. If they did not, you can do so.



Pairing is often uneasy, you just have to skew one character and there may be problems. In this case, please contact the Customer Support Center for free, where they will solve everything with you. They are very resolute, in our opinion too much, probably...


Without verifying if your device is yours, they will also help you sign up for a device that's paired with someone else's account without asking for an email confirmation, for example. This may be unpleasant, for example, in case of loss or theft. We have been assured that they have solved this problem individually. It is true that any overwriting does not bother anything, so far no greater benefits or obligations are attached to it.

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