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How to properly charge IQOS, how long does it stay charged and how to keep battery life

The battery in the IQOS charger has about 7,000 charging cycles. It will charge the holder for about 20 times, so it should last for many years. How do I determine the battery status of the holder?


While you can easily found out the battery status on the charger, depending on the number of charging the holder (HEETS fed), it initially lasts for 25 charging times, and then lasts for about 20 uses. You may encounter the situation that although the charger signals two more dots, it will not recharge, it is normal, the discharge indicator is not completely reliable.

How to properly charge IQOS

Like any battery-powered device, IQOS needs some recharging care. Current Li-On battery recharging results indicate that the longest battery life will be achieved by charging at 20% capacity, and it is not necessary or appropriate to discharge it to zero.


How to determine the battery status in the holder

The holder of the passionate smoker daily goes through about twenty charges, the battery is frequent charging adjusted. During use, its life will, of course, be shortened. Whether it's okay to find out easily:

  • Recharge the holder in the IQOS charger
  • Remove it from the charger and prepare the stopwatch (for example in your mobile phone)
  • Turn on the empty holder normally without HEETS
  • Simultaneously activate the stopwatch
  • Time is measured till full discharge when the holder itself goes out
  • If the battery is OK, you will reach approximately 5:40 to 6:00 minutes
  • When the end of battery life approaches, the holder can be used normally, but it starts to blink in red instead of normal white when charging.


The battery in the charger and holder is guaranteed by law for 12 months. IQOS has not been on the market for even a year. Philip Morris has yet solved all of the problems with the instant exchange without any problems. It is not yet clear how the post-warranty service will be solved after a two-year warranty. Experience from abroad suggests that IQOS is exchanged even after the warranty.

Common sense suggests that IQOS should be replaced at least once a year. Complain one part at a time, stores the entire equipment usually does not change and the fault on the charger and the holder at the same time is hard to explain.

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