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How to dismantle holder, rechargeable base, change covers and battery

The video shows how to easily dismantle IQOS and change covers or battery. The article also contains a link to the tutorial, how to change the battery in the holder. 

Breaking down IQOS by removing the side covers or replacing the battery is not a big problem, so will look forward to a flood of color variations from Chinese producers. Replacing the side covers can be useful even if you are claiming your styled IQOS. You can return the covers from a new piece at the place of the complaint on the faulty piece and keep your new IQOS styled.

How to dismantle holder HeatStick for IQOS? Here is tutorial how to replace the battery and the covers

Just proceed really patiently and carefully. Covers can be snapped off for example with guitar plectrum or with a nail. And remember - when disassembling, keep in mind that you will loose the warranty by unprofessional intervention.

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