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How to connect IQOS via Bluetooth with mobile app IQOS Connect 3.0?

You can connect IQOS with your Bluetooth mobile and set up additional services and notifications in the application, reset or locate the lost device within reach.


Built-in Bluetooth in IQOS version 2.4 Plus rechargeable base enables the mobile phone to be connected to IQOS Connect app, which monitors the device - for example, adjusting holder vibrations, resetting the device or finding it.


Availability of IQOS Connect

IQOS Connect has been in difficulty approving since the start of development due to strict business conditions for tobacco use support. Apple's development has been postponed indefinitely, and Android has been finalized after a long wait. So far, it's only available in some countries to download from Google Play, we need to install it manually from this link.

How to Install and Link a Mobile with IQOS Connect 3.x

Download IQOS Connect (unofficial source) in the latest version 3.x.x. The file is saved to your mobile storage. If you download from a computer or tablet, transfer it via cable or via BT to your mobile.

  1. Double-tap the file on your mobile, installation starts.
  2. If you have not previously set up on your mobile, you will be asked to allow unauthenticated applications to be installed.
  3. The IQOS icon appears in the menu, launch the application.
  4. In the first step, choose Denmark, another is not yet available in English, and confirm your age.
  5. Confirm the terms of use, you can omit the last option Send IQOS device data if you do not want to inform the manufacturer about the behavior of your device.
  6. For proper operation, you need to allow location tracking without which Bluetooth could not work.
  7. Activate on your Bluetooth phone and select Connect Device in Connect.
  8. You will be prompted to activate BT in the IQOS charger, hold the BT button for four seconds, IQOS will start blinking blue. Pairing and seeing your first device in the app.


After pairing the device, it will appear on the main screen, clicking on the setting options. In contrast to older beta versions, only the Heating Status Vibration option is available to disable vibration of the holder at the beginning and end of the HEETS heating.


The notification displays IQOS error messages and will be empty after the first startup.


Locate Device will allow you to find and launch IQOS vibrations within Bluetooth range if you have set it up and you can not find it.


Set notifications in your mobile

Click the hamburger menu at the top left to view additional settings, help, and search for IQOS stores. In-App Settings, you can enable or disable IQOS notifications on your phone with notifications.

  • Battery notifications alert your mobile to a weak battery.
  • Error notifications alert you to an IQOS error.
  • Holder ready alerts on the mobile to finish charging the holder.
  • Holder charging error notifications alert the wrongly typed holder.


The other two options send the manufacturer's statistical data, you can turn it off without worrying.


The latest version of IQOS Connect does not yet contain vibration settings when charging is complete. Because our functionality seemed to be one of the few useful, in our earlier article you will find instructions for activating using an older beta version. However, vibrations only work with newer IQOS models, such as limited edition.

How to activate and adjust vibration after charging the holder

IQOS Connect (some countries)

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