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How to buy new IQOS holder with discount? There are also limited editions!

If you lost or someone just stole your IQOS holder and you have only rechargeable IQOS base itself, you can have bright new one right now! There are also limited editions on offer, but that's not worthy.


If you have damaged holder or rechargeable IQOS base, both IQOS parts will be replaced by the manufacturer under guarantee free of charge. And it doesn't matter if the damage was your fault or not! But the loss of your holder in very unpleasant thing. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is: "How much will cost the new one?". Good news is that there are limited edition holders, the bad news is that price is 60 EUR. We'll advise you how to safely.

You can order holder replacement in basic colors in the IQOS eshop. Currently is available for the same price as well Ruby holder. Thanks to the removable top cover its possible to build an interesting and really unique piece in different colors with a very original bottom, which other limited edition doesn't have.


If you're interested in other limited holders and do not mind paying for it 60 EUR, please visit the pop-up web, the IQOS store or IQOS café and ask for the current offer.


How to buy a new holder cheaply

The second and significantly better option is to purchase the whole new device. You will have the spare charger and a cleaning egg and you will save money.


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