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How to activate and adjust vibration after charging the holder

Once you've connected IQOS to your Bluetooth mobile phone, you can set up additional features. However, in the latest version, the vibration settings of the holder are missing after charging in the base. We advise you to turn on the missing property.


After long development, IQOS Connect was finally completed. The previous version, however, for devices with the latest firmware (especially limited editions) offered vibration settings after recharging the holder but not published. By using our instructions, you can still activate the vibration.

How to connect IQOS over Bluetooth with Mobile to IQOS Connect

You can install the latest IQOS Connect 2.0 application according to the instructions, but the vibration settings are missing, you will find it most recently in version 1.32, which you must download and install manually. The only condition is to first delete a newer version from your phone and then reinstall it later.

How to Install and Link a Mobile with IQOS Connect 1.32

Download the legacy beta test version of IQOS Connect. The file is saved to your mobile storage. If you download from a computer or tablet, transfer it via cable or via BT to your mobile. 

  1. Double-tap the file on your mobile, installation starts.
  2. If you have not previously set up on your mobile, you will be asked to allow unauthenticated applications to be installed.
  3. The IQOS icon appears in the menu, launch the application.
  4. In the first step, choose Denmark, another is not yet available in English, and confirm your age.
  5. Confirm the terms of use, you can omit the last option Send IQOS device data if you do not want to inform the manufacturer about the behavior of your device.
  6. Activate on your Bluetooth phone and select Connect Device in Connect.
  7. You will be prompted to activate BT in the IQOS charger, hold the BT button for four seconds, IQOS will start blinking blue. Pairing and seeing your first device in the app.


What Bluetooth connectivity can do with IQOS Connect

Earlier beta versions offered all the features as officially published in the older white appearance of the application, and they can turn on vibration after recharging the holder.

  • Enable and adjust the vibration of the charger after charging the holder (Vibration settings)
  • Activate vibrations to find IQOS nearby
  • Charging status of the charger in %
  • Setting the start/ending of the holder vibration
  • Reset device
  • Notification in mobile when charging is the complete or charging problem 

Missing practical features in the latest version are called IQOS Vibration settings, with large buttons you can choose whether the charger will vibrate when the holder is charging and how long. The practice has shown that the first degree of vibration is quite sufficient, sometimes the holder in the charger is looser and then the vibration is unnecessarily audible.


During the setup of various IQOS devices, it turned out that not all devices with older firmware will allow the vibrator alert setting to be set after charging the holder, blue buttons (see figure) will not appear in the settings at all. The choice worked primarily for limited editions.


Once the vibration reloads notification is set up, you can reinstall the latest version of IQOS Connect 2.0 in the new design or stay with this previous 1.32, the other features are the same. The vibration settings will be retained.

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