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How much nicotine do HEETS for IQOS contain compared to a standard cigarette

IQOS users frequently ask about the nicotine content in HEETS. When compared to normal smoking, there is a bit less of it but still, it is a similar dose as in a strong cigarette.


In addition to the demonstrably reduced amount of harmful substances in IQOS, the most important thing for tobacco users is how much nicotine gets in their body. This highly addictive drug causes the body to calm down and create a pleasant feeling of a daze. Unlike burned tar, it probably does not cause any major damage, but its effects have a short-term impact on narrowing of the blood vessels and stimulation of the heart, thereby increasing blood pressure, stimulating the digestive tract and accelerating metabolism.

Amount of nicotine in tobacco

A standard cigarette contains from 0.3 mg for slim to 0.8 mg of nicotine, for example in red Marlboros, but most of it burns and just about 20-50% is absorbed into the body. According to the manufacturer, HEETS contain 0.5 mg nicotine, but IQOS only heats them up and therefore nicotine is absorbed significantly more. Therefore, a cautious approach is recommended in order not to increase your nicotine addiction. Also, it's good to be aware of the possible stomach reaction which might indicate nausea, headache or any other symptoms of overdose.


Label  Nicotine (mg)   Tar (mg)  Carbon monoxide (mg)
HEETS for IQOS 0,5 > 0,0005 N/A
NeoStick for GLO 0,3 > 0,001  N/A
Karelia Slims 0,3 2
L&M Silver 0,4 4 5
Marlboro Gold 0,5 6
Marlboro Red 0,8 10 10

User reactions

The table shows that the most common feeling of "not being fulfilled" that users of heated tobacco often mention is an illusion. HEETS not only contain a comparable amount of nicotine but also provide a greater dose of it due to inhaled steam which releases nicotine more effectively. It is therefore not a lack of nicotine, but only a lack of "punch-in-the-throat" strong puffs. 


So it is strongly recommended that IQOS users, especially in later months of use, follow their old rituals and keep the HEETS use in similar or lower amounts, eg. not using it in new places and so on. Those who didn't smoke at home and used to go outside should maintain their habit, as there is a real risk of increasing addiction which in the end will even cost you more.

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