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How and where to claim defective IQOS, even a broken blade is a recognized defect for instant replacement

The IQOS product has a two-year warranty on purchase. The Philip Morris shows the demonstration of the perfect complainant, faults are not much explored and defective pieces are exchanged almost instantly.


The IQOS complaint is trouble-free, the manufacturer is well-known about our addiction and replaces the faulty piece instantly in place for all faults, including mechanical damage of the heating blade. If you encounter too severe a failure checking, do not hesitate to go to another shop, but most of the employees are very nice.


IQOS claim 

Nobody wants this last step. But if you are sure, that you checked and tried everything and nothing worked, you should complain the device. The IQOS complaint can be done in branded shops, pop-up stalls, and the Geco or Valmont shops while you wait. IQOS is exchanged for one piece per piece without more fault detection.

  • Complaints at IQOS brand stores and in pop-up stalls in shopping centers.
  • Complaints by calling the IQOS Customer Center.
  • Complaints in some Geco and Valmont shops

While claiming you just need to have an IQOS device registered to your account, you do not need a bill or a box. Only have one defective piece, the worker will fill in the protocol with you, the Complaint Department will later disconnect the original device from your account and attach new ones. The whole operation takes only a few minutes.


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