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Formal composition of Heets - non-burning cartridges for IQOS by Philip Morris

The official composition of the HEETS cigarette cartridges is not published exactly by the manufacturer, and we have this statement in our e-mail inquiry, which we publish without any modifications.


Many customers ask about the filling of cigarette cartridges HEETS. At various websites, especially retailers of electronic cigarettes, which competes for IQOS, speculates about the possible harmful effects as cooling components in the filter, which during the coating of HEETS hardens and degrades. We have therefore asked the manufacturer directly by e-mail, and we publish his complete answer that quite accurately copies our original article, obtained from foreign sources.

The HEETS composition by Philips Morris

The biopolymer film filter (folded film inside the filter chamber) is made of polylactic acid, one of the most widely used biopolymers in the world. It is obtained from sugar cane or starch removes excessive water vapor from the aerosol and thus reduces the sensory temperature of the aerosol/vapor. Philip Morris International (PMI) assessed it as fit for use. During the IQOS testing, it was not revealed that any harmful substances would be released from the biopolymer film.


The filter mouthpiece is made of cellulose acetate, which is similar to a cigarette filter. The tubing, the polymer film filter and the tobacco pad are wrapped in the refill paper and attached to the filter pad by the cartridge paper.


Tobacco filling was designed directly for IQOS, made from a choice of real tobacco. IQOS copies many sensory and ritual aspects of smoking but uses the technology of warming, not combustion. It should not be used at the same time with cigarette smoking. The average duration of use is approximately the same as cigarette smoking, but cigarette packs are not cigarettes and do not burn with matches or lighters.


Under HEETS is an aluminum foil designed to prevent ignition of tobacco. The flavor of tobacco filler with aluminum foil is very similar to contemporary tobacco cigarettes. The presence of aluminum foil does not affect the overall chemical composition of aerosol produced in IQOS.

Because tobacco is only heated and burned, IQOS does not smoke, but heating the aerosol produced from the evaporation of water, glycerin and nicotine true taste of tobacco without fire, ash, cigarette smoke and with smaller amounts of odor. Glycerin is used in many consumer products (food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics) and is on the list of approved food ingredients of the European Union. They were also approved by health authorities for inhalation products.


The long-term effect of glycerol inhalation is not known, but according to short-term studies, it is assumed to be much lower than when inhaled cigarette smoke. We tested the IQOS (which produces glycerin) in a rigorous evaluation mode that includes studies on humans. We also carry out several follow-up post-marketing studies, where we monitor the impact of using IQOS.

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