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First great review of IQOS 3, Well-made and luxurious innovation

From December 2018, customers can purchase an upgraded IQOS 3 model that complements the existing IQOS 2.4 plus offer. It brings new design, revised accelerated charging and extended battery life.


We've been testing the latest third-generation IQOS for a week. It will be completing the existing 2.4 Plus model for the same price of 100 euros from December 3, 2018. Its new design and shorter charging time are probably the most fascinating things about this new device. And, as always, we've also found a few things we don't like that much (see below).


IQOS 3 - First look

IQOS 3 accompanies iPhone syndrome. In the morning you wake up, you have the most up-to-date IQOS 2.4 and in the evening after a press conference you will find out how horrible it is compared to the new IOQS 3. Although I still love my 2.4 Motor Sport, I can't deny that IQOS 3 is far better.

IQOS 3 comes in a luxurious white box, according to the marketing materials, the company is also turning to more luxurious brown. After removing the colour resolution paper cover, the entire top is tilted. Except for the device, you'll also find a new micro USB-C connector and a completely redesigned cleaning tool with a key ring.


The new IQOS feels really plastic again, and thanks to the swinging of the door to the side, it's quickly earned illustrious nicknames like a women's dildo or a stapler. The fact, however, is that it looks much better in reality than in the photos, although the feeling of cheap plastic is considerable.


Impressive colour variants

IQOS 3 will be delivered in four basic colours, each of which belongs to the other hand and acts differently. The charger has a newly replaceable door cover, seated with two magnetic pins, which makes it possible to combine up to 576 colour combinations.


IQOS 3 Warm White

The snow-white version looks just like its predecessor, the same material and the velvety surface. With a glossy white replaceable door hood, it will be perfectly suited for experimenting with any colour of the head and cover, for example, photos in the gallery can be seen in pink. The holder is all white and only the slanting button (that is only in this variant) is in a silver colour.

IQOS 3 White is bright white with a matte velvet finish

IQOS 3 Stellar Blue

It's this time when blue is really blue - unlike the past version. It's also smooth and metallic with a distinctive glistening door cover. It fits perfectly into the man's hand and apparently that is also the reason why has the holder button has the same colour as rest of the device. It is very difficult to choose the appropriate cover colour if you want to replace it, we have tried white and brick orange, but pastel colours do not fit.

IQOS 3 Brilliant Gold

Now, metallic gold is the thing. It perfectly masks the "made out of plastic" feeling of the charger and the holder and is extremely elegant and fits perfectly for both men and women. With this variant, it would be almost a sin to change the glossy golden door hatch, much like the holder with the gold button.

IQOS 3 Gold will break records, it's the first time the company sells these and they are just well done

IQOS 3 Velvet Grey

The grey matte variant is the only rubberized device, just like IQOS 2.4 Navy was. It looks a lot like plastic. Probably fits best into the hand of those manually working, but thanks to the rubber it soon has fingerprints all over it. Although she found her fans on Facebook, it is, in my opinion, the ugliest one of all devices. The holder is divided by a grey button.

IQOS 3 is just really boring and gets dirty fast

The innovation in IQOS 3

IQOS 3 has made many improvements. We have already mentioned the replaceable door, the shorter charging time for the holder and the extended battery life for two years is crucial. Enjoy the modern USB-C connector and remove unnecessary buttons; on the other hand, we are quite upset about the shortened duration of the charger - it barely manages 20 HEETS, the older one lasts up to 30 cycles.

  • A new design; the door opens to the side
  • Three types of holder vibration, new HEETS heating signals
  • Shorter charging time for the holder, it's cut by 40 seconds down to 3 and a half minutes
  • Extended battery life for 14600 cycles (2 years)
  • The charger is fully charged in just 75 minutes
  • Replaceable cover of the charger is held by magnets
  • In charger, the holder is held by a magnet
  • New charging connector USB-C
  • New mechanical cleaner, reaching up to the bottom of the blade

New IQOS 3 cleaner, recommended also for older IQOS 2.4, works just great

New IQOS 3 charger

There is only one button left on the charger. With it IQOS 3 can be switched on and off, it's also for restarting and activating Bluetooth, which is finally download-able for Android device since December. It is quite curved on the top edge and you can easily grab it. Right next to it is a large charge indicator, divided into four parts, and a miniature charging indication for the holder.


A new feat is also the magnetic holder of the charger holder, the manufacturer says the holder will never EVER drop out of the charger and can be plugged in without any rotation, but it's probably been added just to remove any complaints about bad contacts in the previous version. However, the magnet is often annoying, it's holding the holder relatively tightly, and especially for men with stronger fingers, it is harder to pull it out since the opening is so narrow.


IQOS 3 heating

The holder is still the same. Unfortunately, it is considerably thicker. Although it is the same size, it is missing the curve around the button, which makes it thick, it's a shame, here the design has overpowered the utility. The charging time has been significantly reduced by 40 seconds, the IQOS 3 holder is re-usable after 3:30 minutes. 

HEETS heating technology has not changed, the blade is identical, coated with platinum and gold. To make it less vulnerable to cleaning, it has completely changed the cleaner, it is handy, with a key ring and has brushes only at the bottom with a specially modified end to reach the bottom of the holder. The cleaner is still compatible with the older versions thus is also recommended to IQOS 2.4 owners.


It is very unpleasant to slide the top cover. It scratches strangely, making a weird sound. At first, I expected it to go down like the old model, but after a week it still felt as if it was dirt under the cover. I'll give it time, but since it's the most common operation with a holder, it's not comfortable.


The vibration alarm is triggered in the holder. It is first activated when switched on, followed by two short HEETS heating to operating temperature, and the third one announcing the remaining 30 seconds to the end. Originally, it seemed unnecessary to me, but in the end, I happen to like it. For those who wouldn't, it's possible to turn the vibrations off - all of them only. It's done via Bluetooth in the mobile app. What has completely disappeared is the ability to activate signalling after charging the holder, which can only be turned on in the old IQOS 2.4 application.


Buy IQOS 3 or just keep the old model?

The IQOS 3 costs around 110 euros with the box of HEETS, it's for the same price as the previous model, which will be worth around 70 euros now and will still be on offer. Do not wait and do not expect any discounts just yet, because there will be only a few pieces. The first 500 pieces were sold out in the first hour and it is available only on the e-shop and in the Store.


But that's not the question now, is it? I mean... The question is: Do you even want/need it?


It depends on whether you always want the latest model. The IQOS 3 is a successful evolution, it is smaller, more beautiful as seen by most users, higher reliability, longer battery life, but much shorter endurance. If you don't mind the magnet, it is also more practical for normal use, even though we definitely advise the purchase of the second innovation, the IQOS Multi (100 euros), where you don't need to stress over the charger.


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