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First aid! How to clean the wet IQOS after washing, soaking with salt water or other liquid

Have you soaked your IQOS or holder? Did you wash it in the washing machine, it fell into beer or coffee? Learn how to proceed cleaning during the first few moments.


Watered electronics is always a problem, and despite all user myths about functional drowned mobiles, it's actually very often about its irreparable damage. Learn how to give first aid to your IQOS and try to save it.

The mobile is an unstoppable device, occasionally falling, and when you are out of luck just in the water. In the best case. In the worse to sweetened drink, beer and the worst in the sea. Do not panic, it may not be all lost, but definitely hurry.

Myths and nonsenses

The first thing you do not listen - to myths and tips. The ideal thing is not to treat the device and immediately take it to the first electronics service. The guarantee is gone anyway, so anyone with a little practice and tools can open it. Immediate cleaning will not ruin you as a future repair or purchase of a new one. Do not complain that nothing has happened, time is deciding, so fast to the service.

  • Do not heat the IQOS or the Heeter, you will just blow the liquid further than it was.
  • Do not force the device violently on hot heating, in a hot car, in a microwave or oven, to spoil more than to solve.
  • Immediately distribute the device to a maximum of detachable parts, the IQOS is hollow, so it will be full of water, but the covers can be easily removed.
  • Forget the rice, it will help you from moisture, but not after bathing. Moreover, only from the surface, of course, does not remove water from inside the device.
  • Water or coffee is not as bad as it would seem, worse is sugar and the worst beer.
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Keep in mind that, even if the device is not washing, the liquid rises into the printed connections, so damaging is also the rain or the big cold causes the internal drainage of the connections upon coming into heat, the device can get wet from the wet swimsuits... Therefore, IQOS is ideal for winter wear in clothing, in summer in the bag or free pocket.


Unfortunately, IQOS is constantly under voltage, so there is a big chance that the more the battery is charged, the more likely it can be short-circuited. Then nothing will help, the device can not be repaired, it would not be worth the price. The battery may also come out, but it is also not too worthy.


Common water, rain, and unsweetened drinks, coffee, tea

One of the better cases when the water really dries up. And electronics often remain seemingly harmless. However, the water is full of minerals, which remain in the components on the plate and begin to oxidize, and the defect can occur unexpectedly in weeks and months.

Cleaning does not have to be demanding, it needs to be cleaned by ultrasonic or antioxidant spray, especially the connections.


Drinks with sugar and beer

Beer and sweetened drinks are really crap. It sticks and stays long in all the graves. It sticks especially in the connectors, buttons and prevents drying. It is not possible for you to put your mobile in order and often it is not in the power of the technology specialist. Do not hesitate to run to the service, be sure to dismantle the device immediately.


The sea is salty, a washing machine full of chemicals...

The worst wetting is in salt water. It's even worse than washing in the washing machine. The disaster is both. Here you should panic, the salt instantly dissolves all the printed connections, if IQOS has soaked a lot, maybe it's better to wash it in the fresh water. Definitely do not let him on the sun, hoping it will dry up, it's the best way to get him home. If you want to save the device, it is even more important than ever to visit a service shop. And this is literally a minute, salt parasites on electronics instantly and the damage is mostly irreversible. And just consider buying a new one.


And one tricky tip for the end which you have absolutely thought about anyway. Due to the extremely impressive Philips Morris policy, IQOS is exchanged in each Geco shop as on a running belt. If you let your device dry at least, the salesman will have a hard time trying to find out why it stopped working. Keep in mind, however, that if we recall such complaints, soon the producer will "cut us the wings". And we would not want that.

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