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Cough after smoking IQOS, a lot of instructional experience, what you do not like when you quit smoking

IQOS is completely healthier for the smoker without discussion. We can discuss what brings us new harmful substances into the body, but its harmfulness is unproven. But from my own experience, I can write to you about what goes out of the body and you will not like it at first.

0 is an independent server, which can write what it wants - its own subjective experiences and opinions. We have a great advantage over the manufacturer, who has to be very careful about the health claim of nicotine products, especially when he has been hunted for years. Consequently, IQOS can be considered as a suitable smoker's health aid in my opinion.


I had luck like no smoker had while going from cigarette to IQOS. Along with the transition I received the most difficult men's disease of mankind, the serious flu. My flu burst just in the first week of testing my new IQOS cigarette.

You may say I'm crazy when I call the flu happiness, but the fact is that while of course I usually hate flu like most of us, this time that gave me a look straight into the depths of my smoking lungs. What I saw I did not like it at all, it looked like the worst oncologist's patient leaflet. Further reading is not for ladies it is disgusting but fundamentally instructive.

An initial cough when inhaled from HEETS is normal, the body gets rid of the lungs, it goes away in a few days.

As with any flu, one swallows flu mucous products and then removes them from a cough. If it's a smoker's cough, then it's the orchestras that sound all over the room. And that met me. But my lungs must jump away from my body to give up nicotine as a heavily dependent smoker. Gradually, however, I found that a cough was primarily because of IQOS.


From Facebook and various articles, I found out that basically all of us who have been passionate and age-old smokers who loved Lucky Strikes, Marlboros etc. had the same problem. My flu just gave me a window into what we're coughing. 


I've created the theory (and it doesn't matter if it's not true) that inhaling the unusually hot steam from IQOS has an effect on the lungs. I fancied that, in conjunction with my menthol flavor, it releases pulmonary cells and they release their secrets. In fact, they are not secrets, the contents of our black lungs are known for warning pictures and we consider them at best for annoying propaganda.

For me, IQOS is a healthcare device, thanks to it I am breathing again and nobody convinces me of the opposite.

It's a bit different, though, when you get started to watch what's really outside thanks to the crinkled mucus. Before I wrote an article, I planned to take the photo of the dried paper towel, but the image made me sick. Believe me, they are full of black and gray hard particles of tar, or other lungs junk that are leaving me out for more than a week. In part, I feel even in my throat, as if you were eating the grains of sand and could not get rid of them.


At the same time, there is a relaxing sense of breath, which I know very well from the years when I first stopped smoking. It's exactly the same feeling as when you come to the mountains, you are long fully breathing and you are in euphoria. Every day, with weakened flu, I am breathing better and better. All who tried IQOS also confirmed, that this is not just a feeling. One of our readers is an asthmatic and she proved it even by measuring the blood oxygenation of a physician on spirometry. In addition, medical studies say the biggest doses of tar from the lungs are relieved after three months after stopped smoking.

Every time I am angry for a high price of HEETS, I recall it is a tax for my better health. Every pleasure is worth something, and I like to pay for my health.  

We don't know who is paying all the scientists, that are saying IQOS is not too good. Philip Morris helps them by not publishing the contents of the HEETS too literally, and we do not know about the chemicals they contain (What the HEETS cigarettes consists of). We can only guess what the biopolymer releases in the filters during melting and whether we get a different type of cancer than cigarettes.  


But I know this for sure. After years I am feeling again like a non-smoker, I'm breathing from my throat and I'm feeling really great. And if I cough up the stones until my black lungs become fresh pink again, nobody convinces me to go back to the cigarettes, even if the HEETS box costs twice as much.

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