Independent magazine, Philip Morris Products S.A. did not authorize, take over the patronage, or otherwise approve it.

About our independent magazine

The is an independent magazine. This magazine started with the enthusiasm about healthier smoking via IQOS, which we consider to be a revolutionary replacement for a convention cigarette.


We love IQOS. In a few months, we were enchanted by pure breathing, by first-morning breath without coughing and also fragrant clothing. That's why we have decided to bring as many independent information as possible to our website. We hope, that as many smokers as possible will learn about the comfort of healthier smoking. You can privately write me, but this email doesn't support IQOS.

Martin Matkal
"I hate burning, I´m just heeting"

Website statement is independent site and Philip Morris Products S.A. did not authorize this website and did not support or otherwise approved. This site is a private activity of fans.


IQOS is the trademark owned by Philip Morris Products S.A. No products or accessories that are described or advertised and that are not original IQOS product are in no way endorsed, reviewed, or supported by Philip Morris Products S.A. and all liability for these products remains the retailer, distributor and/or manufacturer of these products.

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